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Raised Panel Custom Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Custom Cabinet Doors

Product Specifications

Custom Raised Panel Doors - Finished or Unfinished
Priced per Square Foot*

Choose Your Door Style

Standard Square Raised Panel Door     Horizontal Panel Square Raised Panel Door     RP121 Two Vertical Panel Square Raised Panel Door

RP110 is available with 3" stiles and rails by selecting RP110-3 in the menu above.

RP210 Cathedral Arch Raised Panel Door     RP230 Shoulder Arch Raised Panel Door     RP250 Eyebrow Arch Raised Panel Door

Solid Wood Slab Panel Door

SD900 Solid Wood Panel Door

Great looking custom cabinet doors, finished with state of the art equipment, at prices that will make you smile!  Turnaround time on finished doors is 13-15 work days and may vary by workload.

Start by viewing and selecting your options below and choosing your finish then just use the menus above to select those options and click on the "add to cart" button to see the final price of your door.  With prices this good, you'll see why we can't show these outside the cart!  Pricing in the menus above represent PER SQUARE FOOT option prices.  Your shopping cart will reflect the actual per door price.  Doors have a minimum size charge of 1.75 square feet.

* As you progress through the pulldown menus above, just add up all of your selected options.  This is your price per square foot.  Multiply your price per square foot by the square footage of your door and you have your door price.  (Height x Width)/144=Square Feet  There may be a slight variance based on calculation methods

Don't forget, we are standing by to help you! 
Just call us Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (Central)

Choose Your Wood Species

  • Alder, Clear
  • Alder, Rustic
  • Birch (Premium)
  • Birch (Standard)
  • Birch (Paint Grade)
  • Cherry (Premium)
  • Cherry (Standard)
  • Cherry (Rustic)
  • Hickory (Standard)
  • Hickory (Rustic)
  • Maple, Hard (Standard)
  • Maple, Hard (Premium)
  • Pine (Clear, Standard)
  • Pine (Rustic, Knotty)
  • Red Oak (Standard)
  • Red Oak (Premium)
  • Red Oak (Factory)
  • Red Oak (Rustic)
  • Walnut
  • White Oak (Standard)
*Specie availability may be affected by market conditions.  Read about Grade characteristics here

Choose Your Finish Colors

See the color and finish selections here*

*(Not all finishes available on all wood species due to compatability)

Choose Your Framing Edge

Door and Drawer Edge Profiles

Edge profiles denoted with an asterisk (*) are NOT recommended for use with Euro, demountable or Inserta style hinges. 

Edges displayed above are computer generated to represent the actual product as closely as possible but may not be exact.  If you are seeking an exact match, contact us for a sample.

Choose Your Framing Bead

Framing Beads for Inside Frame

Rubber gasket available to hold 1/8" glass in place.

Please specify gasket color when ordering:  Clear, White, Brown or Dark Brown

Choose Your Panel Raise Style

Cabinet Door Panel Options

Solid wood panels may be comprised of multiple pieces of wood joined together to achieve the necessary width.  Inverted panel IP115 is charged as raised panel plus the additional charge reflected above in the option menus.  Doors 45" tall and greater will have a center rail installed (RP120) to help prevent warpage (unless otherwise specified).

Choose Your Other Options

Radius Corners
(priced per door)
Radius Corner Choices
Available with edges D118, D123 and D131 only
Routed Fingerpulls
(priced per door)
Fingerpull selections
By choosing the routed fingerpull, no hardware is necessary on the face of the door or drawer front

Product Warranty

Valley Oak warrants all manufactured products for one year from the date of shipment.  This warranty is good for the contruction of all products manufactured by Valley Oak, with the following exceptions:

  • Products are built to the nearest 1/16" and a tolerance of +/- 1/32" is considered acceptable.
  • Doors over 24" wide and 45" in height and slab drawer fronts over 30" in width and 12" in height are not guaranteed against warpage
  • Doors less than 24" wide and 45" in height and slab drawer fronts less than 30" in width and 12" in height are warranted against warpage ov more than 1/4"
  • Flat panel and frame only doors less than 24" wide and less than 40" are warranted against warpage of more than 1/4"

QuikDrawers and Valley Oak are not liable for damages caused by improper handling or storage. This warranty does not cover any problems related to customer neglect including, but not limited to: storing of unfinished product over an extended time, customer unavailable when product delivered (i.e. left outside per customer instructions) and inadequate surface prep (including sanding). All shortages, incorrect sizes and damage due to shipping must be reported within 7 working days of shipment date.

Finishing Notes

When ordering unfinished, doors should be properly prepared prior to applying any finishing products.  Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by your finish manufacturer.  You may need to perform additional sanding to prepare your products for finishing.

Cabinet doors are your way to reflect your personal vision on the look and feel of your kitchen.  By selecting new cabinet doors for new construction or replacement cabinet doors for remodeling, you will find that your kitchen becomes your personal space in a whole new way.  Your custom cabinet doors are available in a great selection  of wood species which you will finish with your chosen stain, paint or finish. 

If you need sample kitchen doors to try in your home, you may want to buy a full size door which can be used in your project, or you may order any size you prefer. 

How to measure for your new cabinet doors

Determine if you have "frameless" or "face frame" style cabinets

Measuring for your new cabinet doors is as easy as measuring the height and width of your cabinet opening

  1. Gather materials (pencil, paper and measuring tape)
  2. Measure width of opening
  3. Measure height of opening
  4. If you are replacing doors and want the same size, just measure the old door.
  5. For single doors, you are finished
  6. Decide if you will be using hidden, or european style hinges
  7. Gather the width and height dimensions for all of your openings.
  8. If you are covering a single opening with two doors which meet in the middle, just add 1" to the overall width and divide by 2 and subtract 1/16" from each.  Notate these as "butt" doors.
  9. Mark each door measurement as right or left door swing.  This is determined as you look at the face of the door... is the hinge on the right or left?
  10. Fax or email your list to us and we will provide you with your quote.

Most face frame style cabinet doors are 1" larger than the opening that they cover.  Thus, if you your opening is 15"w X 30 1/2"h, then the door will most likely be 16"w X 31 1/2"h.  The compact hinges that we offer in 1/2" overlay will accomodate this size perfectly.

You may also refer to our cabinet door measuring guide


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