Cascading 12-Hook Tie Or Scarf Rack/Organizer

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Product Description

Cascading 12-Hook Tie Or Scarf Rack/Organizer

Organize Your Ties With This Stylish Cascading Tie Rack

Store 12 ties, scarves, or belts on a small footprint on our 12-hook cascading tie organizer. Its narrow vertical design works great on the face of a closet casing or for tight spaces like behind a door. 12 free-swing hooks allow you to easily put on or pull off items from the rack. Lip on the end of the hook keeps items from sliding off. Mounts quickly with just two screws.

Shown in Dark Bronze

Shown in Polished Chrome

Shown in Satin Nickel


Available in 3 Stylish Finishes: Dark Bronze, Polished Crome & Satin Nickel

Great for ties, scarves and belts

12 free-swinging hooks

Lip on end of each hook prevents items from sliding off

Non-handed unit can be mounted for left or right-hand use

Vertical design has small footprint when installed

Quick and easy mounting with 2 screws