Blind Corner Pullout

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Product Description

Slide Out Base Blind Corner Unit

  • Show Hand unit is designed for either the left or right blind corners of the kitchen.
  • CS-SHM unit features wire baskets on pullout racks
  • CS-SHW unit features a combination of wood shelves and decorative wire railings
  • Metal baskets on CS-SHM are not adjustable.
  • Wood baskets on CS-SHW are not adjustable.
  • Grey powder coated for rust protection with chrome plated baskets and non-slip wooden surface.
  • 26"W x 20.5"D x 24"H
Blind corner cabinet
Available with Wire Shelves or Wood Shelves with Wire Edging


Model Basket
Width Depth Height Min
CS-SHM Wire 26" 20½" 24" 26" 21¾" 23¾" 15¾"

How easy can it be to use this blind corner cabinet system? 

Model CS-SHM 
Step One
CS-SHM Step One of Opening
Open Door
Step Two
CS-SHM Step Two of Opening
Pull out first rack
Step Three
CS-SHM Step Three of Opening
Slide first rack out of the way
Step Four
CS-SHM Step Four of Opening
Pull second rack forward

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