Blind Corner Swing Out Storage Caddy

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Product Description


Blind Corner Caddy Organizer

How many times have you cursed that darn corner cabinet when you had
to crawl inside to get something?  Sound familiar? 
Designed for those hard to reach areas in a blind corner cabinet.  This swing out
pantry features heavy duty hardware, a prefinished maple storage bin and our
professional grade rollout shelf kit.  Perfect for bulk storage, occasional use items
or countertop appliances, it features premounted 100lb heavy duty slides for easy
  • Designed for 15" or larger openings
  • Swing out pantry is accessible from both sides
  • Can be installed in either a right or left hand application
  • Includes a two shelf roll-out kit and all hardware
  • Door must be attached to opposite side of door opening from corner caddy


Prefinished maple storage unit pulls out from the cabinet on precision ball bearing drawer slides and then pivots out of the way on a continuous hinge.


Two prefinished maple wooden trays pull out independently into the opening vacated by the maple storage unit.

Caddy Complete
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