Blum Tandem Non-Soft Close - 15"

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15" Blum Tandem Standard Close B562H

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  • Not soft-close
  • 100 lb rated
  • Side or rear mount
  • 12" drawer slide requires 12-3/4" minimum interior depth
  • 15" drawer slide requires 15-3/4" minimum interior depth
  • 18" drawer slide requires 18-3/4" minimum interior depth
  • 21" drawer slide requires 21-3/4" minimum interior depth
  • For inset applications, increase minimum interior depth by drawer front thickness
  • Required locking devices, BT51.1700, sold separately
  • Mounts under the drawer and is not visible
  • Can be used with Blum BT55.7150S - Tip-On, Push to Open Device
  • Easy removal with locking device
  • Meets grade (1) ANSI/BHMA
  • Minimum drawer width is 4-3/4" with BT51.1700 locking device (As measured between drawer sides.  1/2" drawer sides = 5-7/8" outside width; 5/8" drawer sides = 6-1/8" outside width)
  • Height adjustment is 1/8"
  • Not for use with 3/4" Thick Drawers, 3/4" thickness MUST use the B562F Model slide and the combined clearance will be 7/16"

Download the Use and Installation Guide here.

Locking Device and Rear Bracket Guide

Locking Device and Rear Mounting Bracket

Standard model BT51.1700

  • Minimum inside drawer width 4-3/4"
  • Height adjustment 1/8"
Blum Standard Locking Device BT51.1801
Rear Mounting Bracket for B562H slide Blum Standard Locking Device BT51.1801
Tip-on "Push to Open" attachment for B562H slide Tip-On - Push to open device for Blum 562H slides
Download Instructions and Product Information

Information - Locking devices for Blum 562 Slides
Brochure - Locking devices brochure
Information - Mounting instructions for Blum 562H slides

Sold per pair
Model B562H.3810
Note that the required locking device is sold separately