FSC Certified Wood Drawer Fronts

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Product Description

FSC Certified Cabinet Drawer Fronts

Choose from 10 different FSC certified wood species
A certificate is available guaranteeing your order was manufactured using 100% certified materials*

Choose From Our Most Popular Drawer Front Styles

Raised, Recessed and Grooved Panel Drawer Fronts

Standard Square Raised Panel Drawer Front Albany Shaker Drawer Front Slab Front
Standard Square Raised Panel Door Profile
7½" x 5-7/8" minimum w x h
1½" Rails & 2-5/16" Stiles
Slant raise shown
Reverse G-Cove for FSC flat panel doors and drawer fronts
7" x 3-7/8" minimum w x h
1½" Rails & 2-5/16" Stiles
Select Reverse G-Cove for recessed panel
Standard Slab Style Drawer Front
3½" x 6" minimum w x h
66½" x 29" Maximum w x h
(horizontal grain)
Machine edge shown
CRP10 Albany Slab

 Grooved Panel Drawer Fronts
(Grooved Panels REQUIRE selection of Reverse G-Cove Panel Raise)

FSC Certified - Ardmore grooved panel door FSC Certified - Woodford grooved panel door FSC Certified - Yardley grooved panel door
Ardmore grooved panel door profile
7" x 5-1/8" minimum w x h
1½" Rails & 2-5/16" Stiles
3/8" Reverse G-Cove raise shown
G-015 rout - 1½" spacing
Woodford grooved panel door profile
5½" x 5½" minimum w x h
1½" Rails & 2-5/16" Stiles
3/8" Reverse G-Cove raise shown
G-121 rout - 2" spacing  
Yardley grooved panel door profile
7" x 5-1/8" minimum w x h
2-5/16" Framing
3/8" Reverse G-Cove raise shown
G-012 rout - 1½" spacing 
Ardmore Woodford Yardley

Great looking custom cabinet drawer fronts, unfinished or finished with state of the art equipment, at prices that will make you want to hug a tree!
Turnaround time on unfinished doors is 7-10 work days and may vary by product availability and workload.

We are standing by to help you! 
Just call us Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm (Central)

Choose Your Door Material

FSC Certified Alder Cabinet Door FSC Certified Bamboo Cabinet Door FSC Certified Cherry Cabinet Door
Alder Bamboo Cherry**
FSC Certified Hard Maple Cabinet Door FSC Certified Hybrid Hard Maple and MDF Cabinet Door FSC Certified Lyptus Cabinet Door
Hard Maple** Hybrid Maple & MDF Lyptus
FSC Certified MDF Cabinet Door FSC Certified Paint Grade Hard Maple Cabinet Door FSC Certified Quarter Sawn White OakCabinet Door
MDF Paint Grade Hard Maple Quarter Sawn White or Red Oak
FSC Certified Red Oak Cabinet Door FSC Certified Alder Cabinet Door FSC Certified Soft Maple Cabinet Door
Red Oak** Rustic Knotty Alder Soft Maple
  FSC Certified Walnut Cabinet Door  
*Conestoga's Certified Materials Program includes 10 species including various grade options.  Most popular door designs are available using certified materials; however, plywood door designs are not included.  In guaranteeing the sustainability of your order, certificates are offered from our lumber suppliers as proof that the materials used have come from a certified source.  The chain of custody ends with the mill source or supplier of the materials.  Conestoga does not provide a chain of custody certification.  Download full explanation of our certification position.

** Available in standard and premium grade material

The next 3 steps will address the framing bead, framing edge and panel raise choices for custom drawer fronts.  Slab Style fronts will require framing edge choice only.

Framing bead, framing edge and panel raise selections

Choose Your Framing Edge

Door and Drawer Edge Profiles

Some edge profiles are NOT recommended for use with Euro, demountable or Inserta style hinges, note hinge boring notes under each profile.

Edges displayed above are computer generated to represent the actual product as closely as possible but may not be exact.  If you are seeking an exact match, contact us for a sample.

Choose Your Framing Bead

Framing Beads for Inside Frame

Choose Your Panel Raise Style

Cabinet Door Panel Options

Solid wood panels may be comprised of multiple pieces of wood joined together to achieve the necessary width.  Inverted panel IP115 is charged as raised panel plus the additional charge reflected above in the option menus.  Doors 45" tall and greater will have a center rail installed (RP120) to help prevent warpage (unless otherwise specified).

Panel Choices for Grooved Doors

You must select the Reverse G-Cove from the Panel Raise Menu

G-012 Groove, 1-1/2" spacing from center to center G-121 Groove, 1-1/2" spacing from center to center G-015 Groove, 1-1/2" spacing from center <br>to center
1½" spacing center to center

Groove width 1/4"
Groove depth 1/16"
1½" spacing center to center

Groove width 1/4"
Groove depth 1/8"

½", ¾" or 1½" spacing center
to center
Groove width 3/32"
Groove depth 3/64"

Optional Hand or Finger Pulls

Back Side Routed Finger Pulls
(priced per door)
Fingerpull rout selections
(Click to enlarge)
Hand Pull Specifications:
  • Hand pull routs are on the back side of the door and are minimally noticeable from a front view.
  • Specify location: Bottom left (BL), Bottom Right (BR), Bottom Center (BC), Top Left (TL), Top Right (TR) or Top Center (TC)
  • Rout is 3-5/8" wide and 3/8" deep. When specified as right or left, the rout begins 3" from the edge of door. Rout is centered on doors less than 10" wide.
  • Not available with the following edge profiles:  E-2, FP, L-253, L-304, L-686, L-947 and RC-2
  • Adds one day to lead time.

Product Warranty

Conestoga Wood Specialties warrants all manufactured products for one year from the date of shipment.  Conestoga finishes carry a one year limited warranty against peeling, blistering or cracking but no warranty against discoloration.  Conestoga assumes no responsibility for damages or poor color match when finish is applied by the customer.

Most wood species will naturally darken with age. Conestoga will not be held liable for the change in appearance of any product, finished or unfinished, due to this aging process.

Conestoga recommends that a finished sample door be purchased prior to ordering any finished job. We do not suggest ordering large or complex finished product based on a sample color swatch.

Read the Conestoga Finishing Program pdf file for important information about the finishing process.

Special note about door sizing:

Allowable tolerances for bow, warp or twist for single panel, multi-panel, frame only and mullion doors are as follows:

  • Single panel up to 26" wide and 48" tall - 1/8"
  • Multi-panel up to 26" wide and 48-1/16" to 64-15/16" tall = 1/4"
  • Multi-panel up to 26" wide and 65" to 83-15/16" tall = 5/16"
  • Single panel, single opening frame only and mullion doors over 26" wide and 48" tall will not be warranted (mullion lites not to be included in opening count)
  • Any door exceeding 25-15/16" wide or 83-15/16" high will not be warranted.

Allowable tolerances for contraction, expansion and warpage for one and three piece products are:

  • Up to 12" wide and 21-15/16" high - 1/8"
  • 12-1/16" to 22" wide or 22" to 43-15/16" high - 1/4"
  • Any one piece product exceeding 22" wide or 43-15/16" high will not be warranted
  • All three piece products over 30" wide and 14" high are not warranted

QuikDrawers and Conestoga are not liable for damages caused by use in a hostile environment, improper handling or storage. This warranty does not cover any problems related to customer neglect including, but not limited to: storing of unfinished product over an extended time, customer unavailable when product delivered (i.e. left outside per customer instructions) and inadequate surface prep (including sanding). All shortages, incorrect sizes and damage due to shipping must be reported within 7 working days of shipment date.

Finishing Notes

When ordering unfinished, doors should be properly prepared prior to applying any finishing products.  Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by your finish manufacturer.  You may need to perform additional sanding to prepare your products for finishing.

Cabinet doors are your way to reflect your personal vision on the look and feel of your kitchen.  By selecting new cabinet doors for new construction or replacement cabinet doors for remodeling, you will find that your kitchen becomes your personal space in a whole new way.  Your custom cabinet doors are available in a great selection  of wood species which you will finish with your chosen stain, paint or finish. 

If you need sample kitchen doors to try in your home, you may want to buy a full size door which can be used in your project, or you may order any size you prefer. 

How to measure for your new cabinet doors

Determine if you have "frameless" or "face frame" style cabinets

Measuring for your new cabinet doors is as easy as measuring the height and width of your cabinet opening

  1. Gather materials (pencil, paper and measuring tape)
  2. Measure width of opening
  3. Measure height of opening
  4. If you are replacing doors and want the same size, just measure the old door.
  5. For single doors, you are finished
  6. Decide if you will be using hidden, or european style hinges
  7. Gather the width and height dimensions for all of your openings.
  8. If you are covering a single opening with two doors which meet in the middle, just add 1" to the overall width and divide by 2 and subtract 1/16" from each.  Notate these as "butt" doors.
  9. Mark each door measurement as right or left door swing.  This is determined as you look at the face of the door... is the hinge on the right or left?
  10. Fax or email your list to us and we will provide you with your quote.

Most face frame style cabinet doors are 1" larger than the opening that they cover.  Thus, if you your opening is 15"w X 30 1/2"h, then the door will most likely be 16"w X 31 1/2"h.  The compact hinges that we offer in 1/2" overlay will accomodate this size perfectly.

You may also refer to our Special Handling Charges for Oversize Products

Shipping companies do charge extra for "oversize" packages or packages that exceed certain lengths or other measurements.

If your product is going to incur additional charges, we will get a shipping quote prior to finalizing your order.  The shipping shown on your order may or may not include these "oversize" charges.  We will notify you prior to placing your order in production.

FedEx Oversize Packages

Packages that weigh 150 pounds or less and exceed 108 inches in length or 130 inches in girth (2 x width) + (2 x height) are considered “oversize” packagesOversize packages are rated based on the greater of the package's actual rounded weight or dimensional weight. All oversize packages will have a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds in addition to any oversize package surcharge(s).  As of 2020, this surcharge will be $120 per oversize package.

Fedex Peak Oversize Package Surcharge

During peak shipping season (10/21/19 until 1/5/2020), any package shipped during this period will incur an additional "Peak Oversize" charge of $37.50 per oversize package.

UPS Oversize Packages

A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches, but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches. Large Packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 90 pounds in addition to any oversize package surcharge(s).  As of 2020, this surcharge will be $115 per oversize package.

Address Changes for FedEx and UPS

Both FedEx and UPS charge for address changes and corrections.  The charge for an address change is a minimum of $16.00 as of 1/1/2019.  Please check your shipping address on your order confirmation to insure that it is correct.  The Cabinet Guy/QuikDrawers is not responsible for incorrect addresses.

If you have any specific questions, let us know or refer directly to the carrier websites for more information.