Beaded Cabinet Face Frames - Unfinished

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Product Description

Unfinished custom wood cabinet front face frames

Choose your custom front face frame from 162 different configurations.

If you need a custom design, just submit a drawing with the specifications and we can quote and build your design.

Whether you choose one of our custom wood cabinet front face frames or design your own, have them shipped direct to you and ready to finish.

The illustrations below represent our standard face frame layouts for the selected number of openings.
You may submit for quote, any custom layout with 1 to 8 openings - you are not limited to the configurations shown below.  Your front face frame price will be calculated based on option selections and dimensions.

For custom front face frames:

Submit a drawing with the following information to receive your quote:

  • Overall cabinet front face height
  • Overall cabinet front face width
  • Width of each stile or rail (stiles run vertically, rails run horizontally)
  • Stiles and rails can vary in widths within the same front face frame.  Example:  You can have a top rail that is 3" wide and the bottom rail remains the standard 1½" width or you can have one of the side stiles 2¼" wide because it will butt to a wall on that side.
  • Maximum size available is 96" x 48" in either direction, height x width or width x height.  There are no exceptions
  • Standard framing widths are 1½", additional widths are available, upcharge applies.  Each non-standard stile or rail will be charged additionally
  • Minimum framing width is 3/4"
  • Standard framing thickness is 3/4", 1" is available at additional charge
  • Assembled face frames are front sanded with 220 grit paper.
  • Framing wider than 4½" may have one glue joint.  Framing wider than 6½" may have two glue joints
  • Minimum charge is 2 sq. ft.

Just draw out your configuration and fax it or scan and email.

Our face frames can also be shipped in a stained finish or you can choose from over 1,000 beautiful paint colors. 

Select the number of openings in your front face frame
Click on any image below for the full standard selection

(Dimensions shown are for illustration only)

Shop 1 Opening Designs Shop 2 Opening Designs
Shop 3 Opening Designs  Shop 4 Opening Designs
Shop 5 Opening Designs  Shop 6 Opening Designs
Shop 7 Opening Designs Shop 8 Opening Designs

Choose Wood Species

  • Alder
  • Birch, White
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple, Hard
  • Maple, Soft
  • Oak, Red
  • Oak, White
  • Pine, Knotty
  • Walnut

Standard or Non-Standard Stile or Rail Width Charges

The standard stile and rail width for front frames is 1½".  If you wish to order either stiles or rails in a non-standard width, there will be an additional charge per stile or rail.  Select the number of non-standard stiles and/or rails in the pulldown above and this will added to your cost.

Non-Standard Stile or Rail Charge Schedule
Stile and Rail Sizes Additional Charge
(per non-standard stile or rail)
3/4" to 1-7/16" $10.00
1-1/2" N/A
1-9/16" to 5-15/16" $10.00

Optional Face Frame Groove
Cabinet side panels can be joined to face with glue & splines, biscuits & glue, pocket screws or your favorite method.  Plastic splines are available for sale in our fastener category.

Custom wood front frame without groove
No Groove  
Custom wood front frame groove Custom wood front frame groove 
Using splines to join sides to front face frame  Using splines to join sides to front face frame 
Example of spline use to join cabinet side with CWSA groove  Example of spline use to join cabinet side with CWSE groove  

Optional Opening bead
(This bead will be applied to the opening edge on all four sides of each selected opening. This is NOT an edge for the perimeter of the front face frame.)

Standard opening bead for front face frame 1/4" bead for front face frame
No bead 1/4" bead
(Select 1/4" bead and number of
openings in menu above)
3/8" bead for front face frame Ogee opening bead for front face frame
3/8" bead
(Select 1/4" bead and number of
openings in menu above)
Ogee bead
(Select 1/4" bead and number of
openings in menu above)
V opening bead for front face frame
V bead
(Select 1/4" bead and number of
openings in menu above)

Submit Your Order

(Your product will not be submitted to the production queue until your design plans have been received, and approved by our customer.  Any additional charges must also be paid prior to submitting your order to production.  This process will normally be completed within one business day.)