Cade Contempo Glass Inserts

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Product Description

Cade Contempo Vanity Glass Inserts

Frosted Glass for VAN100 or VAN101 doors
Frosted Glass Pane


Ribbed Glass insert for VAN100 or VAN101 Drip Texture Glass insert for VAN100 or VAN101 Stone Texture Glass insert for VAN100 or VAN101
Ribbed Glass Pane
Drip Texture Glass Pane
Stone Texture Glass Pane

Quickly and Easily change the look of this vanity by switching out the glass panes! These glass panes can be ordered with the Cade Contempo vanity, normal shipping charges will apply if not being shipped with a vanity. The glass panes are held in by removable rubber strips. Remove the strips and it frees the glass pane, place the new glass pane in its place and replace the rubber strips.

Sold per pair