Quadro V6 IW21 Drawer Slide - 15"

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Product Description

15" Hettich V6 IW21 for Frameless or Face Frame Cabinets 

Hettich V6 IW21 offers Hettich quality in a full extension, concealed undermount slide.  The Hettich V6 IW21 features the exclusive Silent System technology which will make sure that your drawer slides will operate gently and softly for many years..
Hettich Quadro V6 IW21 drawer slides for frameless cabinets
  • 75lb dynamic, 100 lb. static weight capacity
  • Full extension, full access
  • Zinc plated steel finish
  • For 1/2" and 5/8" thick drawer material
  • Integrated damping device closes the drawer softly and quietly
  • Easy drawer removal with front fixing clips (locking devices)
  • System self-cleans.  Any dirt is simply swept aside by the steel balls as they traverse along the track

Required Clearances:

Slide Drawer Length Min Cabinet Depth Min/Max w/Rear Brkt
Quadro 9" 9" 9-7/8" 9-7/8" to 12-7/8"
Quadro 12" 12" 12-7/8" 12-7/8" to 14-3/4"
Quadro 15" 15" 15-7/8" 15-7/8" to 17-3/4"
Quadro 18" 18" 18-7/8" 18-7/8" to 20-3/4"
Quadro 21" 21" 21-7/8" 21-7/8" to 23-3/4"
Quadro 24" 24" 24-7/8" Not Available

Required Accessories:

Front fixing clip (locking device), sold as pair

Hettich Quadro FAQ drawer slides fixing clip
Choose locking device based on thickness of drawer box material

  • HT9140416 for 1/2" thick drawer box material (box subfront)
  • HT9140413 for 5/8" thick drawer box material (box subfront)
  • Locking devices are priced per pair

Sold per pair

Installation Instructions

Locking device installation

Rear bracket installation

Model #HT9134368