Quadro FAQ Drawer Slide For Face Frame Cabinets

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Product Description

Hettich FAQ for Face Frame or Rear Mount Cabinets 

Hettich FAQ runners are concealed beneath the drawer so exposed dovetail joinery – a mark of quality drawer construction – is in full, unobstructed view.  If the design your cabinet requires that the slide be attached to the rear wall, easy-to-install Hettich FAQ is the ideal runner to complete the inside.  The Hettich Silent System self-closing action is an important feature for the homeowner.  The drawer easily self-closes softly and gently.
Hettich Quadro FAQ drawer slides

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  • 75lb dynamic, 100 lb. static weight capacity
  • Full access, 7/8 extension
  • Zinc plated steel finish
  • For 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thick drawer material
  • Built-In side to side adjustment with right hand slide (4mm)
  • Integrated damping device closes the drawer softly and quietly
  • Easy drawer removal with front fixing clips (locking devices)
  • System self-cleans.  Any dirt is simply swept aside by the steel balls as they traverse along the track

Required Clearances:

  • 9" Drawer requires 11" to 11-1/2" Interior Depth
  • 12" Drawer requires 14" to 14-1/2" Interior Depth
  • 15" Drawer requires 17" to 17-1/2" Interior Depth
  • 18" Drawer requires 20" to 20-1/2" Interior Depth
  • 21" Drawer requires 23" to 23-1/2" Interior Depth

Required Accessories

Front fixing clip (locking device), (Sold seperately Here)

Hettich Quadro FAQ drawer slides fixing clip
Choose locking device based on thickness of drawer box material

  • HT9140416 for 1/2" thick drawer box material
  • HT9140413 for 5/8" thick drawer box material
  • HT9140418 for 3/4" thick drawer box material
  • Locking devices are priced per pair

Rear mounting brackets Sold Seperately (1 Piece Plastic Click Here), (2-Piece Metal Click Here).

1 Piece Plastic 2-Piece Metal 
Hettich Quadro FAQ drawer slides plastic rear mounting bracket


  • 1 piece plastic self adjusting (screw on)
  • 2 piece metal bracket
  • Brackets are priced per pair

Sold per pair

Installation Instructions

Locking device installation

Rear bracket installation

Model #HT1135xxx