GO-EZ Undermount Slide

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Product Description

GO-EZ Slides

Great retro fit for your kitchen reface

For face frame cabinets

The Houck 500 series slide system was introduced in 1948 and millions of these are still in use today.  This is the original design with the greatly improved Acetyl wheels and axles.

  • 1/8" side clearance (see fig. 2 below)
  • 1/4" top clearance (see fig. 2 below)
  • 3/16" bottom clearance (see fig. 2 below)
  • Mounts with staples or screws
  • One captive track for reduced side play
  • 50 lb load capacity at 22", higher capacity at shorter lengths
  • Notching on drawer rear is necessary for installation
  • Acetyl wheel and axle load rating exceeds 100 lbs
  • Dual detent stop providing safety stop and lock open access
  • Undermount
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Zinc finish
  • Polybagged with mounting bracket
Model Number  Drawer
HI519  19" 20 ¼" 
HI522  22" 22 ½" 
HI524  24" 24 ½" 
HI545 Optional Socket (fig.1)     


HI500 Series Slide 
HI500 Front View  HI500 Bottom View  HI500 Rear View 
Front View Bottom View  Rear View 


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How the Go-EZ slide mounts Mounting specifications for Go-EZ drawer slides - bottom view
Installation Guide for GO-EZ drawer slide Drawer clearance specifications

Measuring the GO-EZ slide lengths
fig. 1 (Rear mounting methods, #3 option sold separately) fig. 2
Rear Mounting Options Clearances

Three options for mounting rear brackets

  • Screw the included mounting
    bracket directly to rear wall of cabinet
  • Hang cabinet member over rail
    in rear of cabinet
  • Purchase the optional plastic
    rear socket and screw this to the rear of the cabinet
The combined clearance between drawer side height
and cabinet opening is 7/16"

Sold Per pair