26" Full Extension Slide, 200# Class

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Product Description

 26" Full Extension, Heavy Duty 200lb Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Do you need a rugged ball bearing slide capable of holding 200 lb AND with standard 1/2" side spacing?  Now you don't have to go up to a 3/4" side spacing slide to get the extra weight capaity.

Our Extra Heavy Duty ball bearing slide (300FU series) is now rated for 200 lb static capacity

Drawer slides can be used for many purposes other than just kitchen drawers.  Consider some of these other uses:

  • Business or store fixturing
  • Desk drawers and shelves
  • Pullout shelving
  • Tool boxes

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Features & Specifications:

  • Load rated at 200 lbs static, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 HD-100
  • Available in lengths 12" through 28"
  • Profile height of 2"
  • Non-handed side mount with flex tabs for easy mounting for face frame or frameless cabinets
  • Easy access to 32mm hole pattern for use with European or wood screws (recommended screw size is #8 x 7/16 truss head)
  • Must be wall mounted, not for use with rear mounting brackets
  • 1/2" side spacing required
  • Clear zinc electroplated finish
  • Lubricated steel ball bearings with a patented cage hold forward - retains the cage during drawer installation
  • Non-handed trigger or lever disconnect
  • Synthetic rubber hold-in detent prevents drawer bounce back and roll out

303fu detent

Drawer Slide Shelf Mounting Bracket

Convert standard mounting drawer slides for use on flat surface or shelf

Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides

Mounting Instructions for Drawer Slide Shelf Mounting Brackets

Click on images below to enlarge
(10" Drawer slide below is not included and is shown for illustration only)
Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides
Kit contains 4 brackets and screws Brackets will prepare one pair of drawer slides Attach one bracket near front & rear of slide
Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides Slide kit for surface mounting drawer slides
Slide carriage to expose front screw holes Use 2 small screws per bracket Backside of slides after bracket installation

Use this bracket to mount most Epoxy Euro or full extension, ball bearing drawer slides to shelving or on the bottom/base shelf of a cabinet when direct mounting to cabinet side walls is not an option.  These also provide a great option for mounting concealed undermount slides to a shelf or base.  Use the pre-drilled holes and provided screws.  A touch of thread locker is recommended. 

The holes will match up most drawer slides for a variety of mounting options.  Be sure to allow for the thickness of the brackets if necessary.

Thickness each: 1/8"/each ± 1/32"
Thickness pair: 1/4"/pair ± 1/16"

Model: slide.kit.hr
Includes mounting screws

Sold Per Pair
Model: 300fu26

Packaged for the trade only (no screws or instructions in package)
Instruction Sheet