KV Full Extension Slides for File Drawers - 150lb Capacity

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Product Description

KV 8500 Full Extension Slides - 150lb

Great for file drawers

  • KV 8505 Full Extension 150# Class

         Designed for box drawer or pedestal file drawers up to 30" wide. 12" to 30" Full Extension Slide W/Overtravel

  • Progressive 1-1/2" Overtravel
  • Side Mounted -1/2" plus 1/32" minus 0 each side
  • Material: Electro zinc-plated and lacquered cold rolled steel
  • Action: Heavy duty progressive full extension on precision steel ball bearing. 3 ball bearings per inch of race
  • Features: 32mm hole pattern for system mounting
  • Factory attached drawer release clips with non-handed quick disconnect drawer members
  • Hold-in feature to prevent bounce back
  • Positive in/out stops
  • Stay close feature

Sold per pair

Installation Instructions

Model 8505.Pxx