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Product Description

Glu Bot 16oz Glue Bottle System

 Empty Glu Bot, 16 oz. With one Blade tip and one Yorker tip, lid and retainer ring
(Additional parts sold separately)

Glubot 16oz Glue Bottle

Glu Bot Accessories and Parts
Blade Tips (5/pk)
Blade tips for GluBot
Yorker Tips (5/pk)
Yorker tips for GluBot
FastCap GluNip Applicator
  • Slice tip for wide or just nip for narrow bead
  • Tip fits standard Glu Bot, 16oz bottle
  • Sold 2 per package
GluNip Applicator for GluBot
Glu Bot Lid w/Retainer Ring
Lid with retainer ring for GluBot
Glu Bot Red Caps
Red caps for GluBot