Blum 38N Hinge With Blumotion

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Product Description

Blum 38N Compact Hinge with Blumotion Soft-Close

This compact hinge from Blum is just the ticket when a compact face frame hinge fits the bill.  The 38NB model features the integrated soft-close feature.

Blum compact 38N with blumotion
Blum 38N Compact Hinge With Blumotion

Easy to install....almost goof-proof.  Dress up that hinge with the Cover Plate for the Blum 38N.

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Stamped Steel, nickel plated
105° opening angle
One piece assembly
Wrap around mount
7/16" cup depth
+/-1/8" height adjustment
+/-1/16" side adjustment
+3/32"-1/32" cam depth adjustment
For 3/4" face frame only

Blumotion Model  Type Mount Overlay
B038N355B.06 Screw Mount  3/8" 
B038N355B.08    Screw Mount   1/2" 
B038N355B.10    Screw Mount   5/8" 
B038N355B.12    Screw Mount   3/4" 
B038N358B.05    Press In  5/16" 
B038N358B.06   Press In  3/8" 
B038N358B.07    Press In   7/16" 
B038N358B.08    Press In   1/2" 
B038N358B.10    Press In   5/8" 
B038N358B.12    Press In   3/4" 

Special Note:  Certain beveled edge profiles and other cut down edge designs cannot be used with these hinges as they may interfere with the cup.  3mm inset (tab) is recommended bore placement for compact hinges.

Do I need Press-on or Screw-on hinges?

Back side of press-on hinge - note the dowels Back side of screw-on hinge - no dowels
Picture of press-on type hinge, back side Picture of screw-on type hinge, back side
Cabinet door prepared for press-on hinges Cabinet door prepared for screw-on hinges
Picture of reverse side of cabinet door, prepared for press-on type hinge, note the additional dowel holes bored next to the mortise cup Picture of reverse side of cabinet door, prepared for screw-on type hinge, there is only the mortise cup bored
Note:  The press-on type hinge was developed for the manufacturers as a way to automatically align hinges and place them on the cabinet door in the proper location by just "pressing" them into the holes.  The dowels in that case are already mounted.  If you are replacing this type of hinge, you can get either type of hinge and either use the new dowels (which are already attached to the hinge) or you can use the screw-on and just use the screws already in your doweled door.

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