Blum Compact Hinges


Blum Soft Close for Compact Hinges

Enjoy the famous Blumotion (971A)

Blum 33 Compact Hinge

Concealed compact hinge for face frame cabinets

Blum 33 Hinge Mounting Plate

Mounting Plates for Blum 33 Compact Hinge

Blum 38N Hinge

One piece face frame hinge for 3/8

Blum 38N Hinge With Blumotion

With Integrated Blumotion Soft-Close

Blum 38N Compact Hinge Swing Restrictor

Limits hinge swing to 86 degrees

Blum 38N Hinge Cover

Hinge Cover for Blum 38N

Blum 39C Hinge

For 3/4" Face Frame Cabinets

Blum 39C Soft Close Hinge

Integrated Soft Close Device

Blum Knock In Tool

Use to seat doweled hinges