Decorative Metal Shelf Brackets

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Product Description

Artistic Metal Shelf Supports

Elliptical Strap Bracket  
Wall brackets in various metals/finishes
Open Shelf Straps  
Wall brackets in various metals/finishes Shelf strap bracket
  • Provide attractive alternatives to the traditional floating shelf.
  • The Shelf Strap and Elliptical Bracket are available in 8" and 12" depths.
  • Finish options include gold, gunmetal grey, raw steel, satin nickel, stainless steel and wrought iron powder coated finishes. Installation screws in matching finish are included.
  • It is imperative that the shelf supports are secured into wall studs with installation screws. Conestoga will not be responsible for shelf failure due to inadequate installation techniques or materials.
  • Wood shelves not included. Wood shelves can be ordered as 3/4" or 1" thick slabs in any specie. Note: 60" max. length for two shelf straps.
  • For an aged or rustic look on wood shelving, add distressing and wear sanding or utilize the weathered grain option.
  • Sold as individual pieces – for a pair, must order two supports.
Elliptical Bracket 8" Depth 12" Depth
Finish Model # Model #
Gold 2655944A 2655950A
Gunmetal Grey 2655945A 2655951A
Raw Steel 2655946A 2655952A
Satin Nickel 2655947A 2655953A
Stainless Steel 2655948A 2655954A
Wrought Iron 2655949A 2655955A

Strap Bracket 8" Depth 12" Depth
Finish Model # Model #
Gold 2655932A 2655938A
Gunmetal Grey 2655933A 2655939A
Raw Steel 2655934A 2655940A
Satin Nickel 2655935A 2655941A
Stainless Steel 2655936A 2655942A
Wrought Iron 2655937A 2655943A

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