Soft-Close Hanging Pot & Pan Pullout

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Product Description

Soft-Close Hanging Pot & Pan Pullout

Storage With Style!!

Keep your pans clatter-free with our hanging pan organizer. Designed to be mounted on the top of the cabinet so pans can hang down like a traditional hanging pot rack, except ours pulls out of the cabinet on Soft-close slides. The double rails on the side of the pullout are fully customizable with an array of hooks. The top rail hooks are designed to hold the pan handle and the second rail is for handle stabilizer bars that keep the pans from free-swinging when moving in and out of the cabinet like other pan pullouts. Hooks are adjustable along the rail with integrated set screws and unit comes with a hex key that stays on the back of the unit so the homeowner can adjust the hooks as needed. The center of the pullout is for holding the lids, so all cookware components stay together. Pullout ships preassembled; just install and add the hooks and cookware!

11 Minute Project - Pot and pan organizer

Shown in Black Nickel

11 Minute Project - Pot lid organizer

Shown in Polished Chrome


Model Description Width Depth Height Minimum Opening Width
SWS-PO21BN Black Nickel Pullout 15-5/8" 22-5/8" 13-7/16" 21"
SWS-PO21PC Polished Chrome Pullout 15-5/8" 22-5/8" 13-7/16" 21"
  • Designed for a 24" base cabinet or larger
  • Top mounting, leaves bottom of cabinet accessible for additional storage
  • Hooks are adjustable for full customization
  • Integrated lid storage
  • Smooth soft-closing slides
  • STORAGE with STYLE's curved flat wire design details flow across all organizers to create a cohesive collection identity
  • 70lb weight capacity

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