Peg Board Filler Pullout

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Product Description

Peg Board Filler Pullout

Filler Organizer for 3" Or 6" Space!!

Take wasted space between cabinets and convert it into a fully customizable organized space with a 3" peg board filler pullout. This pullout features a stainless-steel pegboard and an array of hooks, allowing for customization of everything from pots and pans to big utensils. These filler pullouts are designed as the same height of the cabinets to either go between cabinets or at the end of a cabinet run. Installs to adjacent cabinet with predrilled pilot holes.

  • Features our popular 303FUSFT Series Dura-Close full extension soft-close 100 lb ball bearing slides
  • Each pullout comes with an assortment of pegs and hooks (12 pegs, 12 single hooks, 6 double hooks)
  • Additional hook packs are available for purchase (3 hook/pack)
  • Stainless steel pegboard is easy to clean and magnetic
  • Edge banded birch plywood construction with clear UV finish
  • 100 lb weight capacity
  • Ships preassembled and quickly installs to adjacent cabinets using pre-drilled pocket holes
Model # Width Depth Height
BFPOSS3 (Base Unit) 3" 23" 30"
BFPOSS6 (Base Unit) 6" 23" 30"
Recommended Screw     #6 face frame

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