Stylish Chrome Wire Bakeware Organizer

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Product Description
Stylish Chrome Wire Bakeware Organizer
Easily Add Divided Space In A Base Cabinet With These Stylish Wire Tray Dividers.
Use Multiple Tray Dividers At Any Spacing & "Mix & Match" Sizes To Customize Your Cabinet Space To Suit Your Storage Needs.


  • Easily & Quickly Installs With Four Screws (Included)

  • 1/4" Heavy Duty Chrome Wire Construction

  • Available In Two Heights

    • 12" High (TD12-PC)

    • 18" High (TD18-PC)

  • 20" Depth (Front To Back)

  • Ideal For Base Cabinets & Pantries

  • Place Multiple Dividers At Any Spacing - Narrow For Baking Sheets & Wider For Cutting Boards Baking Dishes

  • Polished Chrome Finish

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Sold Individually

12" High Divider

18" High Divider

Sold Each