Pullout Organizer with Adjustable Hooks - Single Unit

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Product Description

Pullout Organizer with Adjustable Hooks

Never Struggle, bend or stretch again for your cookware

Single Unit Kit
Single glideware unit installed
Single Maple Unit
Unit Dimensions without Hooks (7 Hooks)
22" L x 4-1/4" W x 3" H
          Glideware Maple construction     Strong adjustable hooks   

Glideware Installation Video

These organizers feature two compartments for storing baking sheets and platters and the removable center racks allow the user the ability to store larger platters and bake ware.

  • 100lb heavy duty, full-extension ball bearing slides
  • Works with Standard or Full Height Cabinets
  • Attractive Maple front and body
  • Accomodates heavy cookware, including your cast iron
  • Syncronized Motion™ and weighted hooks keeps cookware quiet while in use
  • Single Unit includes 7 hooks
  • Additional hooks available
  • Overall height, including hooks is 5"
  • Easy top mount installation 4 screws
  • Screws included

Download Installation Sheet