Rev-A-Shelf Double Knife Block Drawer Insert

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Product Description

Rev-A-Shelf Double Knife Block Drawer Insert

Organize your knives securely with the Rev-A-Shelf Double Knife Block Drawer Insert. No installation required; just simply drop in the drawer. This trimmable knife insert holds up to 55 knives w/ built in cleaver or honing steel storage.

Product Features

  • Two rows of slots for a total of 55 knives
  • Built-in cleaver or honing steel storage
  • Trimmable from a width of 18-1/2" down to 12-1/2"
  • Trimmable from a depth of 22" down to 18"
  • Available in maple or walnut




Product Dimensions
Species Width Depth Height
Maple 18 1/2 22" 2 5/16"
Walnut 18 1/2 22" 2"

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