Iron-A-Way Ironing Board Center

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Product Description

Iron-A-Way Ironing Board Center

Quality, versatility and modern convenience are built right in!

Product Dimensions
Overall Size
Height Width Depth
52 15" 7 3/4"
Rough-In Opening
Height Width Depth
51 1/4" 14 3/8" 3 7/8"
Depth Into Room
Recessed   Surface Mount
3 7/8"   7 3/4"
Installation Heights
Mounting Height Above Floor Desired Ironing Height
29" 36"
28" 35"
27" 34"
26" 33"
25" 32"

Important Notes:

  • To ensure a flat and level ironing surface, be sure to that you have a full 42” in front of the desired installation location when recessing. When surface mounting, ensure there is 46” clearance.
  • While not required, we recommend 16” on hinge side to allow the door to open fully against the wall, ensuring optimal standing area when ironing.
  • If installing Recessed: Placed into the wall, between 16” on center studs, protruding 3 7/8” into the room. It is recommended to attach a 2” x 4” cleat to studs, level with bottom of the opening to support cabinet when installing.
  • If installing Surface Mount: Installed directly onto the wall, with no cutout, centered and anchored on secure stud. Will protrude 7 3/4” into room. Optional surface mount kit is available to finish sides of unit and recommended for complete installation.
  • Unit requires 115/120v, 15 amp. supply line. Pigtails are provided in the bottom of wire raceway for hookup to supply line. Make entrance into knockout provided in top of raceway through left-hand vent hole.
  • Ironing center comes standard with a flat maple veneer door and a variety of additional door options. Door opens approximately 180°, flush against the wall. Please be sure to allow 16” to the side of unit for the door to open fully open.
  • The exterior of the cabinet is unfinished and ready to be painted or stained to match existing decor.