Custom Top Mount Trash Pull Out For Concealed Slides

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Product Description

Custom Top Mounted Trash Pullout Unit For Concealed Slides

Available in Hard Maple, Walnut or Natural Birch

Top mount custom trash pullout allows for great alignment for pushing & pulling, assuring you of a long life for your waste pull out.  Cabinet door or decorative panel can be attached directly to the 6-3/4" tall face of the unit.

Single Cut Out Double Cut Out No Cut Out
Single cut out custom waste pull out unit Double cut out custom waste pull out unit No cut out custom waste pull out unit
Minimum Width 14-5/8"
Maximum Width 19-1/8"
Minimum Width 20-5/8"
Maximum Width 28-1/8"
Minimum Width 14-5/8"
Maximum Width 28-1/8"


  • Available in Natural Birch, Hard Maple or Walnut
  • Available finished or unfinished
  • 11/16" Hard Maple plywood top for Natural Birch and Hard Maple units
  • When ordering trash can pull out, specify the drawer box width.
  • Designed to be used with concealed undermount, full extension slides (not included)
  • Unit will fit in either standard or full height door base cabinet.
  • Unit with single cut out includes one Rubbermaid 7 gallon, almond color waste can; double cut out includes two waste cans; not cut out option does not include a waste can.
  • Cutouts also accommodate 13 gallon trash cans
  • Height is 6-3/4" to accommodate door mounting hardware (no variations).
  • Depth is 21-3/4" fixed (no variations)
  • Waste can may be ordered separately above. (14-3/8" length x 10-1/8" width x 15-1/8" height)