Kraftmaid Replacement Drawer 5/8" Solid Maple

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Product Description

Kraftmaid Cabinets Replacement Solid Maple Dovetail Drawers

If you need direct replacement drawer boxes for your Kraftmaid Cabinets, shop the chart below and get just the size you need.


Price above reflect a typical newer Kraftmaid kitchen cabinet drawer with concealed undermount slides.  Drawers are 4" high or 7" high (pot/pan drawers) and 21"deep.  These drawers are sized to replace Kraftmaid drawers built of 5/8" thick material and have a drawer width versus opening difference of 1"(total, not per side).  If your drawer boxes are made with 1/2" thick wood or pressboard, see our Kraftmaid replacement drawers for older drawers.

Genuine 5/8" Solid Maple dovetail drawers sized to fit your Kraftmaid Cabinets and they ship in just 7-8 work days!

The Cabinet Guy and offers a 5/8" solid Natural Maple drawer box program designed to address almost any need. These are pre-finished drawer boxes which can be ordered with a variety of other options.  Your order will be for the drawer box only and does not include the drawer face/head or hardware.

How to measure for Kraftmaid standard drawer replacement How to measure for Kraftmaid pot and pan drawer replacement
How to measure
All standard drawers will be 4" or 7" high and 21-3/4" in depth
Standard 21" Deep Vanity Drawer Depth is 17-34"
(Use outside dimensions only)

Cabinet Drawer Size Chart
Select our model number below.  If you don't see the size you need, just let us know
(Sizing is based on standard base cabinets with 1½" stiles, 5" Opening Height & side mounted slides with 1/2" clearance on each side)

QuikDrawers Model # Base Cabinet Size # Of Openings Opening Width(s) Standard
Drawer Size
QD08 12" 1 9" 4" x 8" x 21-3/4"
QD11 15" 1 12" 4" x 11" x 21-3/4"
QD14 18" 1 15" 4" x 14" x 21-3/4"
QD17 21" 1 18" 4" x 17" x 21-3/4"
QD20 24" 1 21" 4" x 20" x 21-3/4"
QD23 27" 1 24" 4" x 23" x 21-3/4"
QD95 27" 2 10-1/2" 4" x 9½" x 21-3/4"
QD11 30" 2 12" 4" x 11" x 21-3/4"
QD125 33" 2 13- 1/2" 4" x 12½" x 21-3/4"
QD14 36" 2 15" 4" x 14" x 21-3/4"
QD155 39" 2 16-1/2" 4" x 15½" x 21-3/4"
QD17 42" 2 18" 4" x 17" x 21-3/4"
QD185 45" 2 19-1/2" 4" x 18½" x 21-3/4"
QD20 48" 2 21" 4" x 20" x 21-3/4"
Pot and Pan 7" Deep Drawers
QD11x7 15" 1 12" 7" x 11" x 21-3/4"
QD14x7 18" 1 15" 7" x 14" x 21-3/4"
QD17x7 21" 1 18" 7" x 17" x 21-3/4"
QD20x7 24" 1 21" 7" x 20" x 21-3/4"
QD23x7 27" 1 24" 7" x 23" x 21-3/4"
QD26x7 30" 1 27" 7" x 26" x 21-3/4"
QD29x7 33" 1 30" 7" x 29" x 21-3/4"
QD32x7 36" 1 33" 7" x 32" x 21-3/4"
Special Note: These sizes are for replacement of the older drawer boxes using 1/2" thick side material and also utilize a side mounted drawer slide which requires a 1/2" clearance on each side of the drawer box.  If you have questions, contact Customer Service 866-937-7429.

Drawer box and rollout shelf construction

All drawer boxes are constructed with 5/8" thick pre-finished solid Natural Maple sides and a standard matching 1/4" thick B-3 grade plywood bottom. 1/2" bottoms are available as an upgrade. All material is Natural Grade and will consist of natural Maple color. Mineral, color and grain variation is allowed. Use outside dimensions for drawer box sizing.

All bottoms are recessed 1/2" and all sides have eased edges and are notched/bored for the use of concealed undermount modern slides. Drawer boxes are shipped pre-assembledWe strongly recommend a 1/2" thick bottom if your drawer box or rollout shelf is 24" or wider.

Drawer Bottoms Are Inserted Into Dado For Strength
Drawer Box Side Material
1/2" recess allows for use of most under mount drawer slides
Each of our drawers bears our logo.  Your guarantee of quality
QuikDrawers Logo Solid Maple wood drawer box for Kraftmaid
Logo Quality Guarantee Solid Maple Drawer

Undermount Notching

Undermount notching is based on standard manufacturers requirements and is only available for modern, undermount slide configurations (Selecting this drawer box does not include the slide or any hardware or drawer front/head).

Drawer boxes can be notched and bored for popular undermount slides

Optional Drawer Front Screws

Optional washer head drawer front screws

You may choose to include the optional screws for attaching your drawer front to your drawer.  If you do, please read the Drawer Front Screw webpage for important information.  We do NOT drill the holes in the drawer for your drawer front screws.

QuikDrawers Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

QuikDrawers Lifetime warranty is for defects in materials and craftsmanship for the original purchaser.  This limited lifetime warranty for QuikDrawers custom drawers has specific conditions and exclusions.  Please see Warranty Information page for details.

Our standard drawer box lead time is just 7-8 work days and may be affected by workload and other conditions or situations not under our control.

If you have questions about these options or specifications, just give us a call at

1-866-937-7429 (Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm, central time)