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MDF Product Specifications

MDF Product Specifications and Information

• MDF consists of 3/4" or 1" 48 lb. density substrate.
• No added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) MDF is available for all published MDF door and drawer front designs, except 10SQF1 and 10SQF2. See Material Pricing Guide for upcharge.
• 1SGP consists of 3/4" 48 lb. density MDF substrate with the back side laminated with a glueable, paintable melamine. This material will be used on flat panel F series products only.

Size Specifications
• A minimum size dimension is listed with each door design. When ordering, one of the minimums must be exceeded by at least 3". For example, if a door minimum is listed at 10" x 10", the door must be ordered as either 10" x 13" or 13" x 10". If a door is ordered under its minimum, it will slow down your order until a correction is made. Please be aware that our minimums are designed to protect our employees by making sure there is always enough material to run through a given piece of equipment.
• Conestoga measures all door framing by its full width. When specifying wider framing, be sure to provide full framing width calculations that include edge profile and framing bead.
• When calculating material costs there is a one square foot minimum on doors and drawer fronts.
• Doors ordered over 26" wide and/or 48" high will be made with two equal panels unless specified otherwise by the customer. Add one panel for every 26" wide or 48" high. For example, a door measuring 27" x 47" would be made two panels wide. A door measuring 27" x 49" would be made with four panels - two panels wide and two panels high.
• Designs 10SQ1 and 10SQ2 are available in single panel configurations only. Maximum 42" wide; maximum 63" high.
• Conestoga will not warrant oversize one panel doors against future warpage.
• Unless otherwise specified by the customer, lower panels on most multiple panel doors will be made with a square panel regardless of the design ordered. Exceptions include doors with matching top and bottom rails.
• Conestoga manufactures its products to the nearest 1/16". A difference of +/- 1/32" is considered acceptable.

• Doors up to 48" high and/or 26" wide carry a one (1) year warranty against warpage of no more than 1/8". Doors larger than 48" high and/or 26" wide carry a warranty against warpage of no more than 1/4".
• All replacement claims are subject to inspection prior to a credit being issued.

Mullion and Frame Only Doors
• The back of each mullion and frame only door is routed to accept a single pane of glass.
• Mullion doors use the same plastic glass retainer moulding as our solid wood doors. If desired, a wood moulding is available. The wood retainer moulding must be pre-drilled prior to installation to avoid cracking the moulding while inserting screws. Contact customer service with any questions.