Mini 120 Joint Connector

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Product Description

Striplox Mini 120 Joint Connectors

Designed for typical everyday assembly processes without the need for specialized tools

  • Cabinetry or panels can be fitted permanently or removed with ease
  • Can be used in substrate 1/2" thickness and upwards
  • No visible parts - completely concealed joints
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Recommended to be adhered with LiquiLox (ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive - sold separately)
  • Black high strength reinforced nylon
  • Assembly with standard 4" biscuit cutter requires .484" deep cut
  • Biscuit cutter requires 3 plunge operations for proper size
  • Assembly with 9/32" (7mm) router bit requires .394" deep cut
  • 2 pieces
  • 4-7/8" long
  • See diagram for load ratings


  • Ceilings, walls, cabinetry, feature panels
  • Commercial wall paneling and office partioning
  • Modular entertainment builds
  • Locker system assemblies
  • Furniture construction and interior fitting
  • Shop fitting displays and signage
  • Exhibition and trade events
  • DIY garden shed and patios
  • Toilet/shower partitioning


  • No visible parts
  • Eliminates damage - install panels during final build
  • Lower transportation costs - flat packing
  • Lower labor cost for on-site assembly
  • Can be used in substrates of 1/2" and greater
  • Strength, durability and versatility
  • No tools or trade skills required for assembly
  • Cabinetry or panels can be fitted permanently or removed and re-used with ease
  • Joining will not interfere with substrate finishes (ie. veneers)
  • Variety of mounting options, glue and/or screw fit

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Joining parts is easy! Hang cabinets, mirrors & other parts!
Striplox Mini  60 joint connector Striplox Mini 60 joint connector
Load Bearing Directions for StripLox Mini 120
Load Capacity - Using MDF and Glue
Direction "A" capacity 440 lbs
Direction "B" capacity 322lbs
Direction "C" capacity 262lbs
Mini 60 Clip Dimensions
Dimensions for StripLox Mini 120 Dimensions

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