Paint Grade Light Rail Mouldings

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Product Description

Paint Grade - Light Rail Mouldings
Select from these light rail mouldings designed to fit under your wall cabinets and have them shipped finished or ready to finish

Custom stain matching service is available at additional charge
All pieces are 96" length
(Ground shippers treat these as oversize, There is a $4 per piece additional charge)

Conestoga’s moulding program offers great values in traditional wood selections.  Consisting of high quality solid wood materials, the moulding program has been formulated to include those designs, profiles and options that will complement the most discriminating tastes. Complementary products include select moulding profiles, refacer's 1/4" solid wood cabinet facing stock, cabinet framing, front frames, valances and fillers.

Finished Egg and Dart moulding

Choose your Moulding
(Each piece is nominal 96" in length)

Light Rail B11 Crown 361
Light Rail B11 Light Rail 361
Light Rail 1448  
Light Rail 1448 Frieze Mounting Plate 470

Notes:  Crown 1621, 1622 & 1623 will accommodate Plate 384, 1-1/2" Rope, Dentil and Egg & Dart.  Drawings are not to scale

Select Your Primer Color
Four primer colors or unfinished allow you to select the right base coating for preparing your crown for the finish color or finish your own.

Unfinished - White - Light Grey - Medium Grey - Dark Grey

See the Product Warranty Information

Information about Conestoga product and finishing warranties.

Finishing Notes

When ordering unfinished, doors should be properly prepared prior to applying any finishing products.  Be sure to read and understand the instructions provided by your finish manufacturer.  You may need to perform additional sanding to prepare your products for finishing.

Cabinet doors are your way to reflect your personal vision on the look and feel of your kitchen.  By selecting new cabinet doors for new construction or replacement cabinet doors for remodeling, you will find that your kitchen becomes your personal space in a whole new way.  Your custom cabinet doors are available in a great selection  of wood species which you will finish with your chosen stain, paint or finish. 

If you need sample kitchen doors to try in your home, you may want to buy a full size door which can be used in your project, or you may order any size you prefer. 

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