Peg Board Lid Organizer

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Product Description

Lid Organizer

Tame that drawer clutter and have an adjustable solution for your pots and pans and lids.  This unit is designed to work with our small, medium and large peg board drawer organizers for deep drawers.  Our lid organizer will allow multiple sizes of pot and pan lids and keep them neat and organized.

Easy press-in installation, your cookware is always within reach.

Lid organizer for peg board drawer insert


  • Holds up to six lids
  • Adjustable dividers can be moved for a variety of configurations
  • Can be combined with Pot & Pan Organizer, PEG-PO (sold separately)
  • Use with small, medium or large peg board organizer
  • Peg board is sold separately
  • Overall size 5-13/16"W x 16-7/16"D x 5-7/16"H

Sold Each
Peg board and drawer sold separately

Model - hr.Peg-LO