Pullout Shelf Caddy Riser

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Product Description

Pullout Shelf Caddy attachment

Caddy shelf attachment for pullout shelf
Baltic Birch Caddy Shelf Attachment
Pullout tray or drawer is sold separately
Dimensions are shown above

The Cabinet Guy is pleased to offer a 1/2" Shelf Caddy program designed for the SlidingSusan and will be certain to address almost any need. We offer this pre-finished Baltic birch caddy shelf which can be configured to fit most common drawer sizes.  So, if you already have a pullout shelf and wish to add the upper caddy attachment order just the size you need.

The Shelf Caddy lead time is normally 6-8 work days.

All caddy shelves are constructed with 1/2" thick, 9 ply Baltic birch plywood sides and a standard matching 1/4" plywood bottom.  All material used is of Standard Grade and will consist of natural birch colors

Shelf Caddy is shipped assembled and will be attached on site.  Screw holes for attaching to your pullout shelf are pre-bored.

"How To Measure & Order New Or Replacement Drawers And Rollout Shelving & Pullout Trays"

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