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RTF Product Information

RTF Specifications and Special Notes

RTF Product Specifications

• 3/4" 48 lb. MDF substrate with a white melamine backer, wrapped in a vinyl foil under heat and pressure. Foil thickness varies by film selection.

Size Specifications
• Door and drawer front sizes measured to the nearest 1/16". A difference of +/- 1/32" is considered acceptable.
• Doors ordered over 26" wide and/or 48" high will be made with two equal panels unless specified otherwise by the customer. Add one panel for every 26" wide or 48" high. For example, a door measuring 27" x 47" would be made two panels wide. A door measuring 27" x 49" would be made with four panels - two panels wide and two panels high.
• Designs 10SQ1 and 10SQ2 are available in single panel configurations only. Maximum 42" wide; maximum 63" high.
• Unless otherwise specified, lower panels on all multiple panel doors will be made with a square panel regardless of the door design ordered.

Vinyl Specifications
• Machining lines may telegraph through the vinyl. Lines that are not visible under normal lighting at a distance of two feet or more, will not be considered defects.
• Due to its thickness, vinyl material may “bridge” over tight corners and edge profiles. Inside sharp corners will have a slight radius of no more than 3/16".
• Foils may have no more than one occurrence of slight elevation or depression on the flat area of the door, while two occurrences are allowed in the machined areas. Very distinctive characteristics will not be more than 1/16" in diameter.
• Slight vinyl distortion occurs when vinyl is wrapped around tight corners and is not considered a defect. Non-edge wrapped stretch marks are allowed, one per 5" of the door’s width and length.
• RTF products are not warranted when used in areas where temperatures could exceed 160°F. Use at least a 1" wood or laminate filler between all heat sources and foil components.

• RTF foils are guaranteed against discoloration and delamination for three years.
• Any door less than 26" wide and 48" high is guaranteed against warpage of no more than 1/8". Any door that exceeds either of these dimensions carries a warpage guarantee of no more than 1/4".

Mullion and Frame Only Doors
• RTF Mullion doors use the same plastic glass retainer moulding as our solid wood doors.  A wood retainer moulding is also available. This moulding must be pre-drilled prior to installation to avoid cracking the moulding while inserting screws. See moulding profiles in the Design Options section.

Miscellaneous Information
• Customers applying loose foils to end skins should contact their adhesive supplier for glue recommendations. The supplier should be asked for recommendations to apply a Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) sheet to the cabinet. Potential suppliers for these adhesives are HB Fuller, DAP or Daubert. • Radius outside corners are not available on RTF doors because the vinyl material does not stretch smoothly over the curved edge.

Suggested RTF/Laminate Complements.
The following are suggested laminate references for using material such as laminate or printed products to complement Conestoga’s foil offering. These are suggested complements only, not matches to the listed colors. Keep in mind the same color will have a different appearance when applied to different materials.

Frosty White Matte ...... Wilsonart™ 1573 Frosty White
Frosty White Satin ....... Wilsonart™ 1573 
Frosty White Antique White Satin .....Wilsonart™ 1572 Antique White