Shelf Peg w/Screw Hole

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Product Description

Antique Brass 5mm shelf peg with screw hole

Shelf Pins are "L" shaped with a hole for screw or rubber foot and fit your drilled 5mm holes which are common on shelving, bookcases and cabinets. Suitable for wood, metal and composite shelves.

Use this shelf pin along with a screw through the hole to prevent movement or "tipping" of non-fixed shelving.


  • 5mm pin
  • Pin length 5/16"
  • Shelf rest 1/2" wide x 3/4" long
  • Use hole for screw or rubber cushion
  • Can be shipped with a lock screw (#6 x 1/2") for securing to wood shelf. Order above

Antique finish only

Minimum purchase 20 pieces

Sold in multiples of 20