Striplox Joint Connector Accessories

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Product Description

Striplox Joint Connector Accessories

Accesssories developed to help you get the most out of your Striplox Joint Connectors

Striplox LiquidLox Adhesive
Liquilox glue for setting Mini 60 and Mini 120 or other inset mounted parts

Liquidlox is a general purpose, middle viscosity high strength, fast cure adhesive compatible with all Striplox assembly products and a wide range range of substrates.

  • Ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • 15 second cure time
  • Model: SXLIQUIDLOX20
Striplox Clear Layout Template
Use the mark out template for accurate installation

Using the Clear Mark-Out template you will be sure to make arrucate placement measurements for the following StripLox connectors:

  • Striplox Mini 60 and Mini 120
  • Striplox Clip 50
  • Striplox Pro 23 and Pro 55
  • Striplox 90D 98
Striplox 7mm Router Bit
Router bit for making plunge cuts for Mini 60, Mini 120 and other Striplox connectors

The Striplox 7mm Router Bit produces an accurate and reliable slot for the MIni  range of assembly products.

  • Tungsten carbinde cutting head
  • Cut diameter = 7mm
  • Shank diameter = 1/4"
  • Height = 3/4" +/- (20mm)

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