Sliding Susan Rollout Shelves

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Product Description

Sliding Susan

The Instant Pullout Solution

The SlidingSusan standard pullout shelf has a 3" tray height and is avaialble in 2" increments from 12" to 20" in width and comes in 18" or 21" depth

Special Note:  This unit is now using Concealed, Soft-close, Self-closing, Full Extension Slides...


The manufacturer has a limited supply of the 18" & 21" model slides for the SlidingSusan.  Shipment of new slides is expected in 4-5 weeks.  The 12",15", 18" & 21" depth slides are still available in limited quantities.


The only rolling shelf storage system that can give you years of problem free service and can be installed within 1-2 minutes. Made by a leader in the dovetail drawer industry.  Download the measuring guide.

Simple Installation 

The installation is simple.  Everything you need is in the box for a 5 minute installation with the one page instruction sheet.  Unhook the drawer from the base, set the base on the shelf or cabinet bottom and align it with the front edge of the cabinet.  Use the 4 pre-drilled holes to secure the base.  Put the drawer on the guides and you are done!  Kitchen cabinet unit (21") requires minimum cabinet depth of 22" and the vanity unit (18") unit requires 19" minimum cabinet depth


SlidingSusan Install

Quick & Economical

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Do you have a cluttered mess in your cabinetry? Are you tired of digging around when you need something? How much is your time worth? Would you like to become quickly organized and stop wasting your valuable time?

The patented SlidingSusan® is the answer for you, an extremely easy to install, rollout drawer unit. This product is constructed by Top Drawer Components using a UV coated Baltic Birch dovetail drawer with Blum® solo undermount drawer guides. The result is a furniture grade drawer product with a 75lb. capacity that will provide years of trouble free service. The SlidingSusan® will clean up the clutter in any cabinet area. Installing in minutes, the SlidingSusan® is the industry leader for ease and time of installation. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

All the patented (Patent No D534750) SlidingSusan® drawers are made with the very durable 9 ply Baltic Birch plywood. It will provide years of service. The drawers are then assembled using only the English Dovetail which has been the hallmark of quality in fine furniture and cabinetry for centuries with a fully captured ¼” bottom in a groove. We top it all off with a 100% solid, environmentally friendly, multi step, UV clear coating. Your finish meets the most stringent environmental guidelines; it is durable, resistant to moisture, scratches and easy to clean with a moist cloth.


Dovetail joinery is the standard of quality construction and dovetail joints are AWI approved for drawer construction.


For the roller system we use a concealed, full extension, soft-close, self-close drawer slide. They have a weight bearing capacity off up to 75 pounds. The SlidingSusan® is made to use and it will give you years of trouble free usage.

Alternate Applications

Great for home theaters, home offices, bathrooms, garages, RVs, boats and wherever else you think storage is necessary.