A Custom Drawer Insert With Slides For Kitchens & Baths 2 U

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Product Description

Special Order Custom Drawer Sliding Insert With Slides

This System Is Meant To Be Installed In An Existing Drawer Box.  The Back Panel Of The Existing Drawer Box Will Need To Be Cut Down In Height, From The Top, By A Minimum Of 1 7/8".  This Will Allow 1/8" Gap Between The Bottom Of The Sliding Insert And The Top Of The New Height Of The Back Of The Existing Drawer Box.  The Slides Are Meant To Be Installed, In Reverse (Facing Backward), On The Outside Side Panel Of The Insert, Flush To Top & Bottom.  And Are Meant To Be Installed Flush To The Top Of The Existing Drawer Box On The Interior Side Panels Of The Existing Drawer Box.


Description Insert Design Material Finish Width Height Depth QTY Unit Price Ext Price
Custom Drawer Sliding Cutlery Insert With Slides C Hard Maple Clear Coat 14 3/32" 1 3/4" 20" 2 $153.40 $306.80
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