A Special Cabinet Order For Lee Christensen

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Special Order For Lee Christensen

Bathroom 4

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Cabinet Order Details:

Exterior Material and Finish:

Wood Specie: Hard Maple     Wood Grade: Standard     Finish Category: Wiping Stain     Finish Color: Nutmeg     Glaze Color: None     Topcoat Sheen: 15%

Cabinet Configuration:

Specie Used for any Exposed Sides and Matching Interiors: Hard Maple     Inset/Overlay: 1 1/4" Overlay     Cabinet Line: Advantage (Premium Line)     Shelf Upgrade: No     Toekick Backer: Yes     Assembly Instructions: Yes

Cabinet Hardware:

Hinges: Compact Hinges w/ Integrated Blumotion     Drawer Box Slides: Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion (Full Ext Undermount)     Inset Mounting Bracket: None     Pull-out Tray Slides: Tandem

Drawer Boxes and Interior Storage:

Drawerbox Specie: Natural Birch     Drawerbox Finish: Prefinished     Top Edge Profile: Eased Edge 1/16" Radius     Bottom Thickness: 1/4" Bottom     Bottom Reveal: 1/2"     Undermount Notching: Std Notch w/ Hook Hole     Blum Tandem Pre-Drill: Yes

Doors and Drawer Fronts:

Design (Upper & Loose): TW-10     Design (Lower): TW-10     Drawer Front Design: TW-10     Material Thickness: 3/4"     Framing Width: Standard (2 5/16")     Framing Width: Standard (2 5/16" Stiles, 1 1/2" Rails)     Edge Profile (Lip): L-149     Sanding: Default Cross-Grain     Framing Bead: Square     Panel Raise: Flat     Panel Grain Direction: Vertical     Panel Grain Direction: Horizontal     Hinge Boring: Concealed Hinge "A" 2.5mm Cup Only     Putty Pinholes: No     End Grain Sealant: None



Special Order Detail
Item Qty Description Width Height Depth  
 1 1 CSUCW-BD 30 93 21  
2 1 CSUCRRO-BD 24 93 21  
3 1 VCL3034.5 30 34.5 21  
4 1 VCR3034.5 (Flush End Right) 30 34.5 21  
5 1 TE5003 (Advantage/Essence Ply Toeboard Strip 96 4 0  
6 1 Cove Crown 2048 - Moulding 96 2 2/3 0  
7       Subtotal 4033.93  
8       Shipping 413.79  
9       Total 4447.72  

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