A Special Door & Face Frame Order For Charles Sydoryk

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A Special Door & Face Frame Order For Charles Sydoryk

Custom Face Frames with Inset Doors

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Face Frame & Door Order Details:

Material and Finish:

Wood Specie: Paint Grade Hard Maple   Wood Grade: Paint Grade     Finish Category: Unfinished     Finish Color: N/A         Glaze Color: None     Topcoat Sheen: N/A

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Custom Doors 3 Shaker Style - CRP10 with 2 1/2" horizontal midrail - 2 5/16" stiles and rails - machine edge - Square framing bead - bored for INSET press in hinges 14 13/16" wide x 92 13/16" high - 3/4" thick
    Custom Face Frames


1 1/2" stiles and rails - 18" wide x 96" tall - no advantage grooves - sanded all sides - 3/4" thick - assembled
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