Appliance Garage Parts For Jamie Little

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Product Description

Custom Appliance Garage Parts For Jamie Little

***NOTE:  This Plan Will Require The Customer To Modify The Side Panel By Cutting The Side Panel From Each End To Acheive Needed Height***

Material and Finish:

Wood Specie: Cherry     Wood Grade: Premium     Finish Category: Unfinished     Finish Color: None

Door Style Details:

Style: CRP-10       Framing Edge: L-034       Framing Bead: Square       Panel: P-057 (Flat)   



Special Order Detail
Item Qty Description Width Height Depth
 1 1 Appliance Garage (No Tambour Door) 24" 18" 12"
2 1 Shaker Style Cabinet Door 17 3/4" 18 7/8" 3/4"
3 1 Slab Filler 3" 20" 3/4"
4       Subtotal $205.43
5       Shipping $55.20
6       Total $260.63






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