Tip-On Tandem Full Extension - Push to Open

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Product Description

Tip-On for Tandem Full Extension

Designed for flush mount drawer fronts without knob or handle. A touch will open the drawer

Tip-on attachment for Blum 562H slides allows for touch opening

  • Touch activated drawer opening mechanism
  • Works for both frame and panel cabinet applications
  • Works with Tandem full extension runners without Blumotion (C version)
  • Simple tool-free attachment to the runner
  • Minimum front gap 3/32" for overlay drawer fronts
  • Easy depth adjustment with drawer installed
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Variety of adjustments allow a perfect installation every time
  • Can be retrofitted to existing Tandem full extension runners
  • Requires only a minimal force to open and close
  • BT55.908WR Synchronization set recommended for improved function on drawers from 24" to 48". Set includes cut-to-size linkage rod (35-3/4") and 2 pinion gears. Inside cabinet width minus 277

Specification Drawings:

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