Canister Hanging Shelf For Smart Rail® Storage Solutions

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Product Description

Canister Hanging Shelf For Smart Rail® Storage Solution 

The Smart Rail® is an incredibly flexible organization system which utilizes "out of the way" wall space.

  • Use with Smart Rail Solution
  • Includes three stainless steel canisters for holding utensils
  • Made with Bamboo accents
  • Easy to use handy location
  • Combine with other Smart Rail accessories for full customization

Accessories for Smart Solution Rail System


Canister hanging shelf for Smart Rail System

Item Model Description Width Depth Height
L SRSSS930-BAM Canister Hanging Shelf 13-3/4" 4-1/2" 12"

Additional Smart Rail® Components

LED model Smart Rail Standard model Smart Rail Optional Hangning Cutting Board Optional Knife Block Shelf

LED Model Rail

 NON-LED Model Rail

Hanging Cutting Board

Knife-Block Combo Hanging Shelf
Optional Paper Towel Holder Optional 5 Hook Shelf for Smart Rail Optional 5 Spice Bottle Shelf for Smart Rail Optional Single Shelf for Smart Rail

Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Hanging 5 Hook Shelf

5 Spice bottle Shelf

Single Hanging Shelf
Optional Single Top Shelf for Smart Rail Optional Single Hook for Smart Rail Optional Canister Hanging Shelf for Smart Rail  

Single Top Shelf

Single Hook

Canister Hanging Shelf


All items sold separately