5 Shelf "Premier" Soft Close Pullout Kit

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Product Description

5 Shelf "Premier" Solid Birch Pullout/Rollout Shelves

Solid Birch, Dovetail Pullout/Rollout Shelves in Widths 10" to 32"*
Full Extension, 100lb Capacity, Undermount Slides! Hardware Included!

Take a look at these shelves and you'll agree...you can't beat this price for this quality of a pullout shelf package.

5 Pack of  Solid Wood Pullout Shelves
(Image for illustration only, Kit contains five 3" shelves with full extension, undermount slides only.)

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What Comes In The 5 Shelf "Premier" Kit?
5 Solid Wood Birch, Rubberwood or Maple Pullout Shelves 5 Sets of Full Extension, Soft Close Undermount Slides W/ Necessary Hardware & Locking Clips
Solid Wood Pullout shelving 3/4 extension L bracket shelf mounting slides
  • 5 Fully Assembled 5/8" Thick Solid Wood Dovetail Pullout Shelves
  • Available Species Options: Birch, Rubberwood or Maple
  • Custom Widths
  • UV Cured Clearcoat Finish
  • 1/4" Plywood Bottom Panel (Pullout Shelves Over 23" Wide Get A 1/2" Thick Plywood Bottom Panel & Are Priced As Upgraded Shelves)
  • 3" Tall Sides
  • 10" to 32" Width in 1/16" Increments
  • Available Depths: 15", 18", 21" or 24"
  • 5 Sets of Full Extension, Soft Close, Undermount slides
  • 100 Lbs. Weight Capacity 
  • 5 Sets of Selected Mounting Hardware
  • Installation/Mounting Screws
  • Instructions for Drawer Slide Installation Are Downloadable Below
  • Pullout Slide Hardware Ships Separately
  • Undermount Slide Locking Clips Come Pre-Installed on the Pullout Shelves
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How to Measure and Order Shelves
 Measuring For Your Kit

Step 1: Measure the Width of Your Cabinet Door "Clear Space" Opening

  • Measure From the Left Side Opening to the Right Side of the Opening ("CLEAR SPACE" OPENING -- Absolute Narrowest Width At The Shelf's Inteded Location)
    • Calculating Shelf Width
      • If Shelf Mounting, Subtract 1/2" from "Clear Space" Opening Dimension
      • If Wall Mounting, Subract 1/16" From "Clear Space" Opening Dimension

Step 2: Measure the Depth of Your Cabinet

  • Measure From The Back Panel Of The Cabinet To The Inside Edge Of The Face Frame (Edge Of Backside Of Closed Door For Frameless Cabinets)
  • Calculating Shelf Depth
    • Subtract 1" to Allow to Slide Requirements
    • Select The Longest Slide Available That Is SHORTER Than Your Calculated Depth
Your Done!!  Input Your Dimensions Above..

Click here for helpful information about preparing and installing the pullout/rollout shelf kit

  1. In the Product Specification Menu Above, Select Your Pullout Shelf Width Range
  2. Select 15" 18", 21" or 24" For the Depth of Each Pullout Shelf
  3. Type in the clear, unobstructed opening of your cabinet to the nearest 1/16", minus 1/4".  Your trays and hardware will be dimensioned to fit.  Watch out for hinges or doors that don't open out of the way.  If you are not shelf mounting these pullout/rollout shelves, choose one of the other mounting methods below.  If you are mounting your shelves direct to the cabinet frame, you will want to order your shelves to fit the entire clear opening (see step 4).
  4. Choose your Mounting Style:
    • 4 "L" brackets - Normally for a full depth shelf or base shelf where the new pullout/rollout will sit completely on the existing shelf or cabinet base.  Subract 1/4" from clear opening.  Both upper and lower pullout/rollout will use the 4 "L" bracket method for installation.
    • 4L Method for Base and Full Shelf
      (Click to open in new window)
      4L Method for Base and Full Shelf
      Full Depth Mid-Shelf Full Depth Mid-Shelf
    • 2 "L" brackets - Normally for a half depth shelf, the rear of the new pullout/rollout uses 2 "L" brackets and will sit on the shelf in the rear and the front of the shelf is attached to the cabinet face/frame.  Do NOT subtract the 1/4".  The bottom or base pullout/rollout will use the 4 "L" bracket method for installation.
    • 2L Method on Half Shelf
      (Click to open in new window)
      2L Method on Half Shelf
      Half Depth Mid-Shelf Half Depth Mid-Shelf
    • 2 rear mounting brackets - Normally used if there is no mid shelf and the new shelf will need to be mounted to the rear wall with the front of the pullout/rollout attached to the cabinet face/frame.  Do NOT subtract the 1/4".  The bottom or base pullout/rollout will use the 4 "L" bracket method for installation
    • 2RB Method for No Shelf
      (Click to open in new window)
      2RB Method for No Shelf
       4L brackets on base - 2L brackets for upper - no Shelf Full Depth Mid-Shelf
    • Other - please give us a call with any questions about your particular pullout/rollout installation
    • View the diagrams for how to measure and select your installation hardware
  5. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 for all pullout shelving
  6. We strongly recommend that you add the Pullout Bumpers which are offered in the pulldown menus above. These will help to protect the interior of your cabinet doors from being marred by the pullout shelves as they are pulled out or if the doors are not fully opened or closed prematurely.  The pullout shelf bumper is attached only on the hinge side of the pullout shelf front.  If your cabinet openings are hinged on only one side, then you will need only 1 bumper per shelf.  If your cabinet opening is hinged on both sides, then you will need two bumpers per pullout shelf.  See pullout bumpers here.

If using the 4 "L" brackets, just measure your clear, unobstructed opening, and then subtract 1/4", this will be your width (Example: 15" opening, order a 14 3/4" wide set).  Watch out for hinges or doors that don't open out of the way.  Your assembled unit will be calculated to fit into the dimension of the opening that your order specifies.  Use a 22" depth in most kitchens and 18" depth in most common bathroom or vanity cabinets.

View the diagrams for how to measure and select your installation hardware

Pullout/Rollout Shelf Dimensions With 4 "L" Brackets, Full Depth Shelf
(Full extension and partial extension slides require the same side clearance)
Shelf width dimensions
Picture above shows the finished width of this actual pullout/rollout shelf is 15"
Shelf width combined with full extension slide dimensions
Picture shows the 15" pullout/rollout shelf with the full extension slides attached and is now 16-1/16" wide.  This will be fine for 2 "L" bracket or 2 rear bracket method of installation.
Our formula recommends 16-5/16" clear opening width to install this pullout/rollout shelf with 4 "L" brackets

These pullout shelves may be mounted to a shelf or base deck of your cabinet or the pullout shelves can be mounted directly to the cabinet face frame and/or the side or rear wall (request rear mounting bracket instead of base bracket if needed).  

Full extension drawer slide installation instructions.

Here is some helpful information about preparing and installing the pullout/rollout shelf kit

Be sure to see our QuikDrawers "All in One Kit' if you want adjustable pullout shelving.

Production lead time for the 5 pack is 8-10 work days.

Pullout shelf widths above 23" are constructed with 1/2" thick bottom, included in the up-charge.