How to order drawers - Part 4

This is part 4 of our 4 part series on How to Order New or Replacement Drawer Boxes

  • In the three previous installments of How to Purchase New or Replacement Drawer Boxes, we have covered:
    • How to select drawer slides for your new drawer boxes
    • How to choose the material for your new drawer boxes
    • How to choose the drawer type for your drawer boxes

Now, we have to gather our dimensions for the new drawer boxes, taking into account the choices we have already made for hardware and material. The basics of the drawer box dimensions consist of Height, Width and Depth.  All of these dimensions for ordering drawer boxes will be based on outside dimensions.

Drawer box dimensions

The dimensions that we gather will be measured to the nearest 1/16" of an inch

  • The majority of our drawer box customers will be measuring for:
    • Broken or unserviceable drawer box
    • Replacement for missing drawer box

We will take a look at the process for both situations.  One thing, we will be consider all drawer box measurements without the drawer face, as this is typically sold separately and will be attached to your drawer box during or after installation of your drawer box.

Replacing an existing drawer box If you have an old drawer that is being replaced and you are not changing the type or style of drawer hardware, then simply measure the old box and you can order a replacement based on those same dimensions.  This will work just fine if you plan to recycle the hardware and put it on your new box or if you plan to replace the hardware with the same type or style of hardware.  If you intend to replace the drawer slides, then refer back to our previous article (Part 1 - How to Order New or Replacement Drawer Boxes). As long as your new box is the same size (outside dimensions) there is no reason that this new drawer box won't just slip right in to replace the older box.

Replacing a Missing Drawer Box If you do not have the old drawer or if this is a new drawer location, you will need to measure the opening where the drawer box will be installed.  A choice will also have to be made as to the type of drawer slide or hardware to be used so that the box might be appropriately sized to accommodate the hardware. Once you have chosen your drawer box material and the type of hardware to be used, you can get the measurements and size your new drawer box. The dimensions needed are the Height, Width and Depth of the opening that the drawer will be going into.  Make the appropriate reductions for the drawer box based on the drawer slide or hardware requirements and that's it. Refer also to this webpage or these videos for assistance in measuring for your new or replacement drawer boxes. As always, give us call or drop us an email with any questions.