How to order drawers - Part 3

This is part 3 of our 4 part series on How to Order New or Replacement Drawer Boxes Now that we have covered choosing your drawer slides in part 1 and choosing your drawer box material in part 2 of this blog series, we can move on to selecting the type of drawer box.

  • We will be looking at the three drawer box choices that we offer at QuikDrawers:
    • Standard drawer box
    • Rollout drawer box
    • High back rollout box

This is a pretty simple article, as the choices are easy to distinguish from one another and aside from looks, there is not a lot of difference.

Standard drawer box
Rollout drawer box

High Back rollout drawer box
Standard Drawer Box
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Rollout Drawer Box
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High Back Drawer Box
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Standard Drawer Box - The QuikDrawers standard drawer box is simply a drawer which has sides that are uniform height on all four sides and do not have any other embellishments incorporated into the construction.  The standard drawer box will normally have a drawer front or drawer "head" installed at the time that the drawer box is installed into the cabinet. The standard drawer box is the "go to" for most drawer box applications and can also be used for pullout shelving. We offer these standard drawers in sizes from 2" to 12" in height and are available in most widths and depths up to 48". QuikDrawers does have some restrictions on drawer heights based on the material being used.

Rollout Drawer Box - The QuikDrawers rollout drawer box is exactly the same as our standard drawer box except that it offers the "galley" or "scoop" cut handle cutout as shown here.  QuikDrawers rollout drawers are offered in exactly the size range of 2" to 10" (with some size restrictions) and are offered in both Baltic Birch plywood and some of our solid wood drawer boxes.

High Back Rollout Box - The QuikDrawers high back rollout drawer is offered for the unique benefits that are offered in a drawer box that has one end taller than the other, as shown below. The high back rollout drawer box has a standard 3" high front side (not customizable) and the rear side is available in heights from 6" to 10" (whole inches). The high back rollout drawer offers you security of a higher rear side if you are concerned about taller items tipping over when the drawer or pullout shelf is extended or pushed back into the cabinet. The lower front is also great so that even with the security of the higher rear side, you can still easily view the items in the high back pullout drawer box. Overall, with these three options, QuikDrawers can supply cabinet drawer boxes or pullout shelving for any application.  Combined with QuikDrawers selection of materials we are sure to be able to help you complete any project from a single drawer to hundreds of drawers per order!

In Part 4 we will explain how to measure for your new or replacement drawer boxes