20" 3/4 Extension Slides for Pullout Shelving

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Product Description


20" 3/4 Extension Drawer Slides With Integrated Mounting Bracket

3/4 Extension Slides With Integrated Mounting Bracket

Designed for mounting pullout shelving or shelf mounted trays and drawers


  • available in 20" length
  • 100 lb load rated
  • Quattro captured for accurate tracking
  • Roll formed for smooth, quiet roll
  • Self-adjusting wheels for mounting tolerances
  • Standard product has all floating wheels to eliminate binding
  • Cabinet slides will mount to side or bottom
  • Cabinet slides will mount to any flat surface
  • Integrated welded bracket
  • Brackets have slotted holes for positioning during installation and round holes to lock position
  • Can be used for drawer boxes, metal racks, baskets, trays or just about anything.

Each set will mount one box, rack or tray.

Screws sold separately