Door Panel Raises (Conestoga)

Select Your Door Panel Raise
Use the guide below to select your Door Insert Panel Raise.  In the pictures below, the "Top" line on the drawings is the "Face" of the Door Panel.  The "Bottom" line is the "Backside" of the Door Panel.  The thinnest edge of each profile is what "tucks" into the frame.
Chamfer Raise (P-016) G-Cove 1/2" Flat Panel (P-116) 1/2" Reverse G-Cove Louis XIII Raise
M-Bead P-008 P-021 P-034 P-036
P-045 P-057 (Flat) P-102 P-106 Short Presidential (P-125)
P-139 P-225 P-259 P-284 P-334 P-369 P-388 P-420
P-423 P-441 P-456 P-482 P-551 P-602 P-603 P-704
P-Raise Presidential Reverse G-Cove RM-Raise Slant TR-Raise U-Cove  

**Solid wood panels may be comprised of multiple pieces of wood joined together to achieve the necessary width.

**Inverted panel IP115 is charged as raised panel plus the additional charge reflected above in the option menus.

**Doors 45" tall and greater will have a center rail installed (RP120) to help prevent warpage (unless otherwise specified).