Door Framing Bead Options (Conestoga)

Select Your Framing Bead
Use the guide below to select your Door Framing Bead (Inner Edge of Door Framing).  In the pictures below, the "Top" line on the drawings is the "Face" of the Frame.  The "Bottom" line is the "Backside" of the Frame.


F005 F006 F007 F124


F472 F527 F557 F575


F665 F722 F729 F877


Regular Ogee F940 F947 F1061 F1140 F1163


F1223 F1374 F1654        
Edges Displayed Above Are Computer Generated To Represent The Actual product As Closely As Possible But May Not Be Exact. If You Are Seeking An Exact Match, Contact Us For A Sample.