Add A Mid-Rail

Need A Mid-Rail?
Adding A Mid-Rail Is Meant To Offer Additional Support To An Oversized Door/Panel, Which Will Help To Mitigate Door Warpage Due To The Overall Dimensions Of The Door/Panel.

Horizontal Mid-Rails

We Recommend Adding A SINGLE HORIZONTAL MID-RAIL When The Door/Panel Is Between 48" & 60" Tall

And A DOUBLE HORIZONTAL MID-RAIL when The Door/Panel Is Between 60" & 96" Tall

Vertical Mid-Rails

(More Commonly Found On Paneling. i.e. Back Panels Or Wall Panels)

We Recommend Adding A SINGLE VERTICAL MID-RAIL When The Panel Is Between 48" & 60" Wide

And A DOUBLE VERTICAL MID-RAIL When The Panel Is Between 60" & 96" Wide