Shaker Slide Style "QuikFlip" Cabinet Front

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Product Description

QuikDrawers "QuikFlip" Cabinet Front
Only $26.68/sqft


Built to Last

  • Realistic wood texture
  • Front and back are a perfect match
  • 3/4″ thick
  • Made of five separately-machined components
  • Heat resistant
  • Warp resistant
  • Crisp square corners
  • Made in the USA

"Quik" Turn Time

Your custom cabinet fronts will be cut, assembled, packed & shipped in 5 - 8 business days, making this a fast and reliable option for a quick turn on your project!!

5 Year Limited Warranty

If you should encounter any issues with your fronts or hinges, they are fully covered under warranty and a replacement will be built & sent right out to you at no cost!!

"QuikFlip" in 6 Easy Steps

1. Select Your Color

             Flour                                                 Storm                                                  Graphite                                       Espresso Walnut

2. Framed or Frameless Cabinets
Identifying your cabinet type will determine what type of hinge & hinge boring you need. So that your doors mount perfectly everytime.

Framed Style

Frameless Style

3. Front Types

Drawer Front

The "Head" of the drawer.  Attaches to the front panel of the drawer box or to the cabinet face, if it is a false drawer front. (non-functional drawer, typically found under sinks)


Typical swinging door found on most cabinets.  Bored for concealed "Euro Style" hinges for either framed or frameless cabinets.

Pullout Door

Serves as a panel to cover special pullout items such as: Trash Can Pullouts, Utensil Organizer Pullouts, Cuttingboard Pullouts, etc..  Will mount to the pullout its self and is NOT bored for hinges.

Hamper Door

This is essentially an oversized Drawer Front.  Meant for "flip down" doors in your linen cabinet hamper, or "flip up" doors for overhead storage in your kitchen. 

4. Hinge Options
Only "Doors" & "Hamper Doors" will be bored for hinges. "Drawer Fronts" and "Pullout Doors" do not swing, and therefore do not need hinges.

"Standard Close" Hinges

This option is nothing fancy.  "Standard Close" hinges are the typical hinges that do not offer any special features.  High quality builder grade hinges that mount behind the door so they are hidden from sight when the door is closed.

"Soft Close" Hinges

This option IS the fancy option.  "Soft Close" hinges offer quiet door closing, are resistant to doors slamming shut and will ensure the door is fully closed.  These hinges can also extend the life of the door, the hinges and the bumpers as less wear is created when the door is shut.  The final few inches are slowed until the door is fully closed.

5. What is your Overlay?

Overlay is simply the amount of space the door covers on each side of the face frame (Framed) or side panel (Frameless).

(Door Width) - (Cabinet Opening Width) divided by 2 = Overlay

Framed Cabinet Options

1/2" Overlay

3/4" Overlay

1" Overlay

1 1/4" Overlay

1 3/8" Overlay

Frameless Cabinet Options

5/8" Overlay


 6. Measure For Your Fronts

Replace your Doors & Drawer Fronts exaclty as they are currently sized.

Only changing the look of the Cabinet Fronts and not the overlay.

How To Measure...

Simply measure the height and the width of the existing Doors & Drawer Fronts and order using those dimensions.

That's It!!!  Just click "Add to Cart" and update your selections for your next front!!  Simple...


**Disclaimer** will not be responsible for mis-measurement, only mis-cuts.  The item dimensions you provide will be the item's dimensions that are manufactured.  This applies to ALL custom products.

Please verify all of your measurements prior to placing your order as no refund & no exchange will be given.