"QuikFlip" Color Match Paint

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Product Description

"QuikFlip" Color Match Paint

This paint is specifically blended to match the available "QuikFlip Renovation System" colors

Our all surface enamel is engineered for exceptional durability in indoor and outdoor uses. Resists sunlight and moisture. Sticks to any surface that is scuff sanded until it has a dull appearance. As a waterborne coating, it offers easy cleanup until it cures.

Each Quart of paint covers about 100 Square Feet of surface.  Sometimes a second coat is applied to achieve optimal coverage and a solid coat.

In a typical kitchen or bathroom, with either framed or frameless cabinets, you can measure the height & length of your cabinet run, and multiply them together.  Divide that numer by 144.  Then, take that number and multiply by 0.2.  This will be the "rough" Square Footage of your cabinet box faces.

For any exposed ends of a cabinet run or perhaps the backside of an island (without doors/drawer fronts), simply measure the height & length and multiply them together.  Then divide that number by 144.  This will be the Square Footage of the panel.