Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Door Mount Scale Holder

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Product Description

Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Door Mount Scale Holder

What you hate about scales? Picking them up to clean, tripping over them and of course their honesty. Okay, we can't help with everything, but with Rev-A-Shelf's scale holder, two out of three ain't bad. This door mounted storage rack allows you to store your scale off the floor and securely inside of your cabinet.


  • Maple frame with semi–gloss finish
  • Scale clip holds a minimum of 0.8” to 2.0” maximum
  • Torsion spring with non–skid coating
  • Adjustable door mounting brackets
  • Minimum cabinet opening: 15” W x 5” D 18-1/2” H
  • Scale not included
Minimum Cabinet Opening Height Minimum Cabinet Opening Width Minimum Cabinet Depth Actual Pullout Width(w) by Depth(d) by Height(h)
18 1/2" 12" 5" 10 1/2"(w) X 3 5/8"(d) X 12 1/2"(h)

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